Fertility Program

Dr. Deborah Gilmour PSY.D. R.N. B.S.N. C.H.T

The hypnosis for fertility is a program of 5 sessions. The goal of this program is not simply to relax or to become pregnant, but rather to enable you to attain personal empowerment. For only by doing so will you appreciate, and embrace life.

More About Unexplained Infertility

Almost everyone knows of a friend or an acquaintance who has tried unsuccessfully to get pregnant suffering the emotional disappointment month after month. Yet as soon as they were successful in adopting a child they became pregnant.

There is an obvious reason for this … It’s the reduction of stress

  • Do you cringe when people say “just relax and it will happen.”?
  • Are you struggling with fertility?
  • Are you tired of recording your temperature and making those phone calls for “sex on demand”?
  • Are you considering In-Vitro Fertilization or Intra-Uterine Fertilization?
  • Are you having difficulty carrying a pregnancy to term?
  • Would you be interested in trying a non invasive method and or a complimentary adjunct to medical treatment?
  • Would you also be interested to know that you could increase your chances of becoming pregnant through the mind/body connection and the power that lies within?

If so, then the power of hypnosis may be the answer you are waiting for!

We know that a range of medical options are available to help conquer infertility problems, however, despite the progress that has been made in the treatment of ‘infertility’, the success rate for those who undergo high-tech procedures is currently about 20%.

Lets double your chances of success

Studies indicate that “infertile” women and men utilizing mind/body techniques have a 42-55% conception rate as compared to those not using mind/body therapies. One of the most powerful therapy approaches to success is hypnotherapy. Hypnosis is an outstanding and proven method of reducing stress, the main cause of infertility. Fertility by hypnosis takes hypnosis a step further as it is a program to help women conceive naturally. It also provides hypnotherapeutic support to women undergoing IVF and other medical procedures. This is a powerful individualized plan that supports the entire fertility process for optimal results. Studies indicate that “infertile” women utilizing mind/body techniques have a 42-55% conception rate as compared to a 20% for those not using mind/ body therapies.

Worry = negative self-hypnosis

A woman who is trying to become pregnant may feel isolated, depressed, angry and obsessed with wondering whether she will be able to cope if another month goes by without conception taking place. When you become so worried that you allow a negative inner mind state to take over, you begin to realize the self-fulfilling prophecy of failure.

Hypnotherapy = positive change

Hypnotherapy transforms the fear and frustration you are feeling, providing you with tools that enable you to achieve the relaxation and confidence necessary for a calm, peaceful, positive and viable pregnancy.


Let me help you on your journey.

Effective Unexplained Fertility Program

The hypnosis for fertility is a program of 5 sessions. The goal of this program is not simply to relax or to become pregnant, but rather to enable you to attain personal empowerment. For only by doing so will you appreciate, and embrace life.

Through trance work, you will be preparing your body to release any negative thoughts that you might have about conception and as you release these thoughts from the subconscious mind, you will begin to prepare your body to create and accept the best possible environment to conceive a baby. Each plan is specific for each of our clients individual needs, uniquely designed to investigate any underlying unconscious emotions or negative events that could inhibit conception. In each session you will be guided into a hypnotic trance where together we will access the unconscious mind and allow your body to adjust the hormones that need to be adjusted so that we keep that pregnancy as healthy as possible, to encourage fertility and ready the mind as well as the body for pregnancy.

So that we can design this tailor made program for you, the first time we meet will be a double session (2 hours) The first hour or so of this will consist of a very thorough “intake interview” a time to share what has been happening so far on your journey and this information will be the basis of our knowledge in the subsequent sessions.

Program Outline

week 1 – the interview

It is important to conduct a thorough intake interview. Only with this information can we work together to get a true sense about what has been going on. We will be asking you very personal questions about your life and an update to what has been happening in your fertility journey, This information is essential as it is key to building your unique program. We will discuss any question you may have about hypnosis and clear up any misconceptions or “boogy man” stories. You will be taught the different mind-body techniques and the first step of self hypnosis. Each day and every day until the next session you will be doing homework and practice self hypnosis daily. During the second half of the session you will learn a brief “1” breath relaxation technique and also experience a hypnotic visualisation journey, specifically designed to enhance fertility.

week 2

During this session we will be discussing your homework, your feelings and expectations. More information will be gathered. Every week we will build on the highlighted areas in the intake form. You will also reinforce the technique of self-hypnosis and be encouraged to use this skill during any ART (assisted reproduction treatments) procedures.

week 3

Once again a review of your feelings and experiences with the home practices. Then you will demonstrate your ability to induce self hypnosis. You will be able to see how well you have done on the Thought Stream. Each and every week you will go into trance and I will take you through powerful techniques with will Strengthening the unconscious mind preparing you for conception.

week 4

We begin the sessions with a review of the previous week, fine tuning any areas that need to be addressed. Followed by a trance session.
Each week is similar to the previous. Always fine tuning and building on information provided by yourself.

week 5

These sessions begin with non-invasive procedure strengthing the “Power Of The Mind” and very pleasant out of body experiences . We will continue to use in every session thereafter. The sessions will include a hypnosis / guided visualization focussin on aspects of fertility including, visualizing the womb ready to receive, “polishing the eggs” to encourage good production, imagining the sperm and the egg meeting and having fun together and embracing the mind body connection preparing you for conception.

Whatever the outcome this program will be for you, I can ensure that the skills you learn, and the experience you gain will enable you to feel stronger, calmer and in control of your life.

More About The Fertility Program

Fertility by Hypnosis will teach you how to protect yourself from the media, advertisers, newspapers, medical personnel; in short, to “dehypnotize” yourself and take back control of your life.

The critical factor of the mind functions as a door or screen that protects information in the subconscious mind, whether it is positive or negative. To create change at the subconscious level one must bypass the critical factor; the most effective method is hypnosis. Any form of startle or shock will instantly bypass the critical factor. Formal hypnotic induction by a Certified Hypnotherapist is designed to distract the conscious mind (bypass the critical factor) whereby bringing the subconscious to the forefront.

During the hypnotic state there is a physiological change that occurs in the brain ,which, basically balances the two hemispheres of the brain, strengthening communication pathway between them. This makes you more receptive to suggestions for change. Suggestions are given in the form of imagery, pictures, patterns and emotion, and are created based on information provided by you during an intake session. The hypnotherapist does not have control of your mind, and will not concede to suggestion that is against your will. Often a lot of the work done by Fertility or Birth by Hypnosis Consultant is actually more of a “dehypnotizing” process. The reason is that your critical factor may be bypassed often during daily life without your being aware of it, resulting sometimes in formidable subconscious blocks.

Fear is an excellent example. When we are afraid we revert back to our genetic programming. When the ‘fight or Flight” response is triggered, critical thinking is bypassed and our instincts (unconscious) kicks in. This is a double whammy for fertility as number one, the reproductive system is not considered necessary for survival and therefore is one of the first to be neglected in favor of pars and systems of the body necessary to run or fight; and to, an experience or comment that shocks or startles us will immediately (hypnosis) and a follow up direct suggestion (such as you will never be able to get pregnant) is accepted by the subconscious mind. This is especially true if the suggestion is delivered by someone perceived to be in a authority (such as a doctor) and/or with enough emotion, imagery, color (television) to cause an imprint.

The latest hype in the media is the rising numbers of infertility. We hear news reports, read articles, hear celebrity gossip, see commercials, watch television shows that continually reinforce the “fact” that it is becoming more and more difficult to conceive. (More hypnotic suggestions.) Reality shows and sitcoms focus on the anguish of infertility, making jokes about the neurotic behavior often associated with it. Considering that many women are waiting until their mid to late thirties before starting a family means that there is a lot more time for them to receive negative pregnancy input which contributes to negative reinforcement. When you consider that hypnosis is simply a bypass of the critical factor of the mind you realize that any suggestion or situation that causes this is, in effect, hypnosis.

What if i have medical issues?

Hypnosis is complementary to any medical procedures and often can lessen discomfort or support the medical protocol. For example, medical personnel may experience difficulty inserting the catheter during an egg retrieval, yet hypnotic suggestion can easy resolve this issue. Studies show the positive influence of hypnotic suggestion on bodily functions such as blood pressure and heart rate, and hypnosis has been shown to impact the hypothalmus and influence the release of hormones.

What about unexplained infertility?

Negative feelings left unexpressed and/or unresolved, hold considerable energy which can block conception. Unexpressed emotions such as the anguish, guilt or profound shame often felt after an abortion can create extreme emotional conflict, which affects every cell of the body and can cause or compound reproductive problems. Negative self-talk (self punishment, real or perceived judgment of God or compounded chastising of others) has direct causative effects on the endocrine (hormonal) system. This is achieved by the direct stimulation of the amygdala, and its interrelationship with the hypothalamus, and parts of the brain involved with emotions.

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