Dr. Deborah Gilmour PSY.D. R.N. B.S.N. C.H.T

Dear Dr Gilmour, you helped my daughter Anne with her encopresis over a month ago, and I want to tell you how great she is doing! She is pooping nearly every day and we haven’t had to use an enema or suppository since we’ve seen you. I am blown away. Thanks so much! I’ve sung your praises and appreciate what you did for my child.
West Hartford Mother
My family cannot thank you enough for the positive changes you have made in our girls’ lives. The girls have more confidence and now know how to handle difficult situation by staying calm and rational using your relaxation techniques. Your compassion, professionalism, and accessibility have helped us through some of the most difficult times in our lives. You are truly a gifted doctor
South Windsor, CT
Let me start off by saying I have been in pain half of my life. I have been in multiple car accidents and suffered from chronic neck and back pain. I was doing chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy and massage therapy for as long as I can remember. I even paid a personal trainer. The pain never resolved. It was a constant battle. I touched base with Dr. Gilmour and after one hypnotherapy session I am honestly pain free. I feel half my age and have not needed any medication since. I forgot to mention hypnosis for weight loss is another type of hypnosis that changed my life. I used to have cravings and have not had one craving since my single session with Dr. Gilmour. It has been 3 weeks and I am down 11 pounds. Dr. Gilmour has changed my quality of life immensely and I cannot thank her enough. I am only sorry I did not have the pleasure of her as my doctor years ago. Thank you Dr. Gilmour for everything!
CT Hypnotherapy Patient
My husband and I saw Dr. Gilmour for smoking cessation at her office in Farmington. We have both been hypnotized for this purpose in the past, but this time was very different. Dr. Gilmour took the time to talk with both of us individually beforehand to determine what was important to each of us, and made adjustments to the hypnosis to integrate those concerns. She was kind, understanding, supportive and even flexible with our complicated schedules. Going one step further, after the hypnosis my neck (a near constant source of pain that varies between annoying and debilitating) was very stiff and sore. Dr. Gilmour walked me through a tapping echnique that I’ve heard of before but never tried, and I have to say, it worked better than any medication or therapy I’ve ever been given to relieve the stiffness and soreness. Absolutely astounding. What a wonderful experience.
Watertown, CT
Dr. Deborah Gilmour is a dedicated and highly skilled hypnotist. She has been working in the field of human development and neuropsychology for over 30 years and her experience and compassionate manner shine through when she is working with a client. Dr. Deborah has a fine sense of humor that she brings to her sessions. She brings a unique understanding of psychology as well as the invaluable tools of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Hypnosis to her client session. She is able to quickly guide a client into trance accessing the subconscious mind to let go of limiting behavior and beliefs and lead her clients towards more resourceful behavior and personal success.

In addition to being a Board Certified hypnotist, Dr. Gilmour is also a “Hypnotist for Fertility” specialist and her program is successfully enabling couples to achieve their dreams of becoming parents. Each client program is individually designed to lead her client to personal success.
Certified Hypnotist, NLP Trainer, Hypnosis for Fertility Specialist, International Center For Positive Change, New York, N.Y.
Have you ever been so mentally bereft that you didn’t know what to do? That was how I felt when I was referred to Dr. Gilmour. It was my saving grace. I had suffered a rare brain infection that left me confused, depressed, unable to sleep and or function. My days were spent in a little room to keep me away from almost all stimuli. I was beginning to believe that there was no help! No one to give me direction to take me out of this horrendous abyss.

The first time I walked into Dr. Gilmour’s office I felt safe. From the beginning of my treatments Dr.Gilmour showed me understanding, where others had made me feel mentally ill, she demonstrated true qualities of patience and compassion, empathic listening and genuine caring. She gave me the tools to help me get my life back. You knew she was there for you like an anchor in a storm.

Her background in nursing in the neurosurgical/trauma field could only have enhanced her already unique capacity to make that so important connection with her patients. She showed compassion, understanding, gentleness and kindness that was superb. Hypnotherapy was introduced into my treatment that provided me with the knowledge that I had the ability and the inner strength to overcome my ill health. Quickly I learned how to deal with the stress and had the ability to slow my mind down and relax. To begin a journey that would bring me out of the darkness.

As a neuropsychologist she is not only a talented professional, she is there to do whatever is necessary to help improve your life. I have never met anyone so dedicated to her patients and profession. So wiling to go the extra mile to help improve their lives.
d. filer
Hartford, CT
Dr. Gilmour is an expert hypnotherapist, I have rarely met someone with such passion, skill and caring as she has when working with her clients. If you choose to work with Dr. Gilmour, I have no doubt that you will be delighted with the results.
Igor Ledochowski
Lawyer, Hypnotherapist Trainer, Author.
I have battled obesity all my life. I suffered from health issues because of it. I have asthma, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, shortness of breath and leg cramps. To name a few. Many times, I charged into battle, trying conventional , non-conventional, popular and not so popular methods for losing weight, only to retreat with a profound sense of failure. How could I think of ever putting myself through that again? Could I dig deep enough to find the strength and courage to go one more round? With Dr. Gilmour, I felt for the first time in my life that someone understood me. Her weight control program is a combination of therapy and hypnosis. Through therapy, she helped me understand the triggers in my life and worked through unresolved issues that kept me on a revolving diet. Through hypnosis I have regained my strength and confidence. Dr. Gilmour’s program gave me the tools I need to face life’s challenges. I have a new found inner peace. Most important of all, there is a deep sense of relief knowing that she is there to support me whenever I need it.
Matra Williard
Hartford, CT
There is nothing more terrifying to a writer than to come face to face with a creative block, an emotional obstacle that seems to threaten your ability to write another word. I had the opportunity to work with Dr. Gilmour, who used patience and insight into the human mind to guide me through my period of concern. With her help and expertise in the power of hypnoses, I quickly returned to productive work, and I’ve continued to use her suggestions and affirmations to overcome my fear of failure, the real basis of writer’s block. I recommend Dr. Gilmour without reservation.
Don Massey
Hartford, CT. Author, A Matter of Degree.
On July 20th. 1980 My life as I knew it changed forever. I was involved in a car accident in which I suffered a severe brain injury, leaving me in a coma for 10 days. I woke up with the mentality of a child of six years old, not remembering my family, how to walk, sit or how to write, basically everything that a young child has to learn. My parents brought me home, however, I received no professional rehabilitation, resulting in me progressing physically but not mentally.

I moved out on my own and I lost one job after the other and with no job, and an inability to remain living in my own apartment, I began to drink excessively. For years I lived a life of confusion, fear, self-destruction, and overwhelming anxiety, accompanied by extreme depression. I had lost everything and found my self living on the streets and finally in a shelter. The best thing that could ever have happened to me. With the assistance of social security I once again moved into my own apartment and began seeing Dr. Gilmour, she was the only brain injury Dr. I found, who would take Medicare and was paid poorly for the services she gave.

Dr. Gilmour, from our first appointment, assisted me from looking up and seeing the bottom, to becoming an individual that is now a productive member of society. I could not have become this person without her expertise in understanding the challenges encountered by brain injured individuals. Her ability to instill the belief that you can make it, and want to strife to be the best you can be, and be proud of who that person is, to make you honor yourself, forgive yourself, and most of all to love yourself.

Through Dr. Gilmour’s, never demeaning, but affirming, cognitive therapeutic approach I was, and continue to be taught, tools used to handle a wide variety of life’s challenges. She immediately understood me, as though she was in my head looking out through my eyes. Her insight into my feelings, or lack thereof, astounded me. She taught me to laugh at my self with her Scottish sense of humor , her stories always had a message, a much deeper meanings. She taught me how do the smallest of activities without judgment, just patience and love. Not to mention she was available wherever she was in the world, anytime day or night.

In conclusion, even today I seek Dr. Gilmours’ expertise as an invaluable part of my life. I now own my own home, my own car, have a part time job and have been sober for years. This transformation I attribute to Dr. Gilmour. She saved my life.
B. Forst
Old Weathersfield, CT.
I had read all the self help books, I knew all the symptoms so why was it that I was unable to free myself of the shame and guilt I felt from the sexual abuse I underwent as a child.

I had been in and out of therapy since I was 12 years old. My father took me from one therapist to another. He spent time and money to get me help. He finally gave up on me and told me he had taken me to the most qualified people he could find, that I had seen the best and it was my fault I could not “just let it go”. I burned with anger inside. I hated the world and everybody in it.

I had managed to complete college and graduated as a nurse. Something else my father hated, his son, a male nurse. He questioned my sexuality, which only deepened my anger. I worked at a local hospital and after a poor work performance review; my supervisor gave me Dr. Gilmour’s card and did more than suggest I make an appointment to see her. This only added more fuel to my inner fire. I was furious.
My life consisted of anger outburst, destroying personal property in rages, going in and out of deep depressions, and failing at one relationship after another. I had just failed at another relationship and knew that I was on the roller coaster again.

The first time I met Dr. Gilmour I had an attitude. I did not want another therapist. She extended her hand to greet me, which, I ignored. I followed her into her office and when she was seated I immediately told her that she would be unable to help me. She rose from her chair opened her office door and said, “your probably right, why don’t you not waste my time or yours, just stop by billing and pay your account” she was actually throwing me out of her office and going to charge me for a session. I stood frozen to the spot. Seeing my hesitation to leave, She shocked me even more by her next statement. “lets get one thing clear, I was a nurse long before I was a doctor and should you decide to work with me, I don’t tolerate bullshit, you either want help or you don’t. My advice is that you sit your self down and tell me what you are so pissed off about and not throw away your money.”

I worked with Dr. Gilmour, and she pulled out of me all the pain and anger I had held onto for so long. She was true to her word, she took no crap. She embraced my anger with open arms and for the first time I felt validated. Within the month I had emptied my guts to her, and never had I felt such gentleness, warmth and kindness. Her energy flowed around me and I finally felt safe as I lay in a fetal position on her couch and cried for the first time.

She introduced hypnosis and slowly and lovingly she brought the little boy up through the years. She freed me from the guilt that I had carried for so long. She gave me the courage to accept myself, to love myself, forgive myself and most importantly to let go of the anger that was destroying my life.

I am now married with two children and give thanks frequently to Dr. Gilmour who saw the child within the man and chose to treat the child. She taught me compassion by demonstrating it, she taught me to be a gentler person, a kinder person, which, made me a better nurse, father and husband. Without her help I could never have attained these attributes. At every opportunity I would recommend Dr. Gilmour. SHE was the best
M. Johnson
Hartford, CT
How does one write about someone you have only met through e-mails. Last year I was talking to a buddy in the US (I’m a 19 years old and a soldier serving in Iraq) and telling him “I’m loosing it man”. (A few of my buddies had already been taken and every day I thought I would be next.) After listening to me for a while, he asked if he could give a doctor (and friend) he knew, my e-mail address, he thought she might be able to help. I agreed, but did not think anything would come of it. Who would take the time without being paid, and if they did, how could they help me from such a distance.

Within a few hours of the conversation I had an e-mail in my inbox. All it said was “I’m here for you, day or night, write me a story, write me a story about a young boy who is in the army, what is his name? (any name is fine), with the exception of your name, and do not use the word “I” use the word “he” when you write your story. Tell me if he sleeps well, tell me how strong he is, tell me how proud he is to be an American serving his country, tell me if he has a significant other, male or female, tell me if he had a significant other, what she/he would look like, tell me if he is afraid, tell me if he is angry. I will be waiting with great anticipation to read your story.” Dr. G.

I thought she was crazy but out of sheer desperation I wrote a story. That was the beginning of many stories I would write. Within hours of my sending the first story, there was a reply. From the very beginning she embarked on a fascinating adventure with me through my stories, How she came up with her stories I will never know, it was if she had been in combat herself. Her understanding and intuition of what was going on in my head was amazing. Not to mention her sense of humor, it was wicked and so unexpected. Her camel jokes were outrageous. I will never look at a camel the same way again. Whether my stories were light hearted or deeply disturbing and graphic, she found a way to guide me, and gave me the ability to weave my own magic into my life in the desert.

I will never be able to repay Dr. G. I don’t know what she did or how she did it, but I began to change, to relax, to sleep soundly at night, to dream of home when I did sleep. I could think of my buddies without the guilt of “why them and not me” , I saw new purpose to what I was doing, and why I was doing it. I could hear war sounds (helicopter overhead) and be calm and alert instead of feeling panic. Through her story telling I found myself thinking in a way I had never thought before. Or not thinking at all just “doing it”, however, at the same time I discovered I had a higher radar frequency in my head and a powerful awareness of my surroundings. I walked patrol with confidence. Guarded but unafraid, with a new inner peace. In two months I will finish my tour and without a doubt I will be heading North to meet this unbelievable woman who is so committed to her purpose, someone with total dedication to her profession and who turned this young boy into a man. It is suffice to say that I am not the only soldier she writes to. So I think I can speak for all of the guys I know personally she has helped and continues to help.

A BIG THANK YOU DR. G., Forever Grateful.

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